Root Canals

Nash Dental Care - Root CanalsEverybody has heard about the discomforts of root canals. At Nash Dental Care, the experience doesn’t have to be like what you’ve heard! We take special care of our patients who require the procedure, making the process extremely simple with little to no discomfort!

What is a Root Canal?

So what is a root canal? Root canals are required when a nerve within the root of the tooth becomes infected. We can’t leave this infection because it can lead to much more serious problems besides the current discomfort, so it’s important to act quickly. A canal is created in the gum, and the infected root is removed. We then place a porcelain crown which will look and feel like your natural tooth! The benefits of having a root canal performed far outweigh dealing with the constant pain and sensitivity that is caused by the “root of the problem.”

At Nash Dental Care, we will hold your hand through every step of the way. We offer amazing sedation dentistry if you need a little help to get through the procedure. The Temecula dental office for sedation dentistry is Nash Dental Care, where with a little sedation the entire process can be calm, smooth and relaxing. You can wake up with the problem gone and a pain-free life to look forward to.

If you are experiencing sensitivity or any kind of pain, don’t wait, call Nash Dental Care at 951-699-0700 today!